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[Sticky] Welcome to Ragnarok Rebirth!

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Welcome to Ragnarok Rebirth!!

I thought I'd take this moment to welcome our wonderful players to what I call Raggy.

It's a pleasure to see players such as yourself joining our humble server 😝 Thought I'd make a few starter posts/threads for us to start with. 

You'll see more like this scattered around as I get familiar with this forum feature and whatnot 🤭 

From your amazing Admin-in-training <3,

]¦[]¦[]¦[ Dark ]¦[]¦[]¦[

Posted : 22/02/2021 2:02 am
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Posted : 25/07/2022 10:10 am
Lohar Studio
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Hello Everyone, Happy to join this Forum.

Posted : 13/08/2022 2:53 pm