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[Sticky] Getting to know Raggy!

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Looks like you found your way to this post! Feeling a bit lost after joining the Minecraft Server?? Hopefully this short introductory guide will help you out, whether you are familiar with SMP servers or are experiencing it for the first time!

I plan to edit this over time and make it better, hopefully creating the perfect tutorial guide. If you would like to give feedback, notice a mistake or are still confused let myself or staff know!! We want to help you the best we can šŸ™‚ - Dark


Joining the Server

As with any standard SMP server, you'll be dropped at lower section of spawn where you'll find the rules of the server as well as other information and access to specific things. Sometimes this will be a lot to take in, especially when there isn't a well defined direction to run towards.Ā 

The first thing you shouldĀ always do isĀ read the rules first!! The rules are set in place to create a welcoming, safe and friendly environment for players to freely log in and out of. This will also help give you an idea of what to do next!

The next 2 things a new player can choose to do is to either:

  1. Play Survival (Survival Aspect)!
  2. Explore Midgard (RPG Aspect)!

RR wants to provide a unique survival experience to players, tying in Norse Mythology and the RPG/Adventure style of gameplay as an optional feature that will be slowly developed over time.Ā 


To dig straight into Vanilla Survival, make your way to the "Random Teleport" Gate and get yourself started! Don't forget you have the ability to /sethome and claim a region to protect your belongings from grief! You will notice that you have some basic starter items to help you set up, thoseĀ silver coins are custom items that are used in the RPG element of the server.

Read the book "How to Claim Land" by "BigScary" for more on GriefPrevention

Useful commands:


/discordĀ  <---- This gives:

/sethome <name> <----- Sets a home in your current position, you may call it whatever you wish! You may set 2 homes by default.

/home <name> <----- Teleports you to the named home

/tpa <name>Ā  <----- Request to teleport to another player

/tpahere <name> <----- Request a player to teleport to the current location


Midgard is the largest region of the custom map built by the staff team. Scattered across Midgard are several NPC Towns, campsites, ruins etc. that are filled with minor details and opportunities to obtain custom items and complete custom quests. Your silver coins are also spent across Midgard, which can be traded for other custom items as well as earnt in other ways.

Upon first joining the server, a player will receive their first Ragnarok Rebirth Advancement which opens up an entire advancement tab for the player. Normally this will be accessible by pressing the "L" key or via the pause menu (on the left).

Midgard is available via theĀ "Midgard" Gate directly east of /spawn.

In theĀ higher section of spawn you will see Realm Gates that will take you to 1 of the other 8 realms.

Players will be able to build on these realms in the future! Ā 

There is also a Realm Map on each inner wall of /spawn, with Midgard at the center. Here is where you will see the locations of each town and other interesting features.

The Arena (a new custom area that is almost out of development) will also be a place where players can grind Arena Tokens in a PvE environment giving players another way to earnĀ silver coins and soon other Arena-specific items.

Want early access to some of these features? Want to help the server out in its never-ending development? Ask Dark to become a tester and volunteer (these are separateĀ to Staff Applications)!

Topic starter Posted : 22/02/2021 3:21 am