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What we have learnt is that the cataclysmic destruction of the cosmos and everything in it was inevitable. It happened just as the prophesies of yore had foretold. First came the harsh Fimbulwinter, a winter unlike any other the world had ever seen. The unrelenting snow and biting winds came from all directions, the warmth of sun failing to thaw up the lands, hurling our ancestors into three long years of successive winter, with no summers in between. The resulting hardship and struggle for survival robbed them of their morals and laws, humanity rapidly plunging into chaos and war, brothers killing brothers, fathers slaying sons and sons killing fathers…

Eventually, the sun and the moon disappeared, and as the stars too faded from the sky, the world was sent into a terrible and unending darkness, marking what we now know as the beginning of the end. Seeing these warning signs, 3 red roosters went to warn the Giants, the Gods themselves and the dishonourable dead in Helheim, that the end of the world was nigh and Ragnarok had begun. These massive forces, despite knowing what the prophecies had foretold of their fates, entered into a great battle, honourably fighting till their death.

The realms were then hit by earthquakes so strong that even mountains fell, the dome of the Earth splitting open. Through this crack the Fire Giants from Muspelheim emerged, spilling into the other realms, and setting them ablaze with their blistering flames.

Having been dwelling in the ocean for centuries, encircling our home of Midgard, The World Serpent suddenly arose from the sea, covering the Earth in water and spitting his venom all over the world, poisoning the land, sea and air. As the battle came to an end the rest of the world sank into the sea, leaving nothing but the quiet Void.

Be that as it may, a small group of humans, our forefathers, somehow managed to survive, seemingly having been protected by some unknown force. The fire of Muspelheim did not touch them, nor did the rising waters or the raging battle. They slept and when they awoke amidst a small forest, they saw the world had been born anew, beautiful, and fertile. This new world looked much like the old one, but they soon realised they were the only ones remaining. Settling down in Midgard they built the first town, soon expanding to the civilization we know today. We still have much left to learn about the old world and why we are here, but perhaps that is for you to find out.